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The construction of a ball bearing

By Team BC on 18 August 2017 in Bearing Corporation Blog

Bearings are used to support the rotating components (like shafts) and bear the load which the rotating components carry.

Principally, it has four major components:

  • Outer ring: This fit tightly inside the outer structure which is generally not moving e.g. Pump/Motor Casing
  • Inner ring: This ring fits tightly on the shaft and rotates with it.
  • Balls: These are the components which fill the gap between inner and outer ring and provide ‘point contact’ which we talked about to facilitate relative motion between inner and outer ring.
  • Cage: This is a metal or ceramic structure which holds all the balls fixed at their relative positions while allowing them to rotate freely.
  • Shield: Ball and roller bearings are available with different types of shields and seals. These are commonly referred to as closures. Closures can extend bearing life by preventing contaminants from reaching the critical surfaces inside the bearing, and they help retain the lubricant in the bearing.

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