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Posts tagged with ‘Ball’

  • Bearing load capacity

    By Team BC on 4 August 2017
    There are two load capacity specifications for recirculating linear guides and ball screws—static load capacity and dynamic load capacity. Most engineers are familiar with dynamic load capacity, since this is the value used to calculate bearing life. But it’s also important to consider the component’s static load capacity in order to avoid premature bearing failure. Here’s a quick look at each specification […]
  • How to extend the lifespan and improve the performance of bearings

    By Team BC on 26 July 2017
      First of all, lubrication is very crucial to the lifespan and performance of bearings. You need to select a proper lubrication system and high-quality lubricant. Lubricant oil film will separate the contact oil film surfaces caused by loading and provide proof against corrosion and abrasion. Therefore, lubrication oil film cannot be missing for normal running of all rotating and […]
  • Bearing Overheating

    By Team BC on 5 July 2017
    Overheating is a major indicator, along with vibration and noise, of an underlying problem affecting a bearing or related components. Because normal operating temperature varies widely from one application to another, no single temperature is a reliable sign of overheating in every situation. By observing an application when it is running smoothly, a technician can establish a benchmark temperature for […]
  • Bearing Failure

    By Team BC on 20 June 2017
      Why do bearings fail? This is a common manufacturing question, but one that is not always easy to answer. Failure can be a result of many factors; extreme working conditions, maintenance and lubrication schedules, or industry-specific demands. Early indications of bearing failure can include machinery that is running unevenly, or at an exceptionally loud volume, or with reduced accuracy. […]
  • Ball Bearings

    By Team BC on 9 April 2013
    BALL BEARINGS Deep Groove ball bearings are versatile, self retaining bearings with solid outer rings, inner rings and ball and cage assemblies. They are of a simple design & easy to maintain. Due to their low frictional torque, deep groove ball bearings are suitable for high speeds.